Clingy Yet Cute

Clingy baby? Yep, I got me one of those! 

The last few weeks have been such a learning curve and I finally, finally (fingers crossed) feel like I’m well on my way to mastering the art of life with a little human essentially glued to my body. Hey, he was inside it for 9 months – so what’s another few months on the outside…right? 

Before I start let me just say… I do absolutely LOVE having a little clinger. My hour-long cuddles on the sofa and the little face that instantly calms down as soon as I pick him up make me so happy – and I am determined to make the most of these days with Archie, as I’ve been told far too many times just how quickly time flies by and soon enough I know that a cuddle with mummy is the LAST thing my little boy will be thinking about. *sob*  

That being said, It’s not always practical – or possible – to sit on the sofa for hours on end and just cuddle up with my baby, a blanket and a pack of my favourite biscuits…Sometimes a girl needs to be able to go pee in peace without a little tag along – let alone to get the endless household chores done! So, I have begrudgingly found some ways to actually get things done during the day at home;

  • Discipline
  • Distracting
  • Prioritising

And my personal favourite: 

  • The baby carrier


This one is fairly obvious…I have GOT to discipline myself…sometimes.

Sometimes I am sitting on the sofa with my little sleepy hot water bottle of a baby lying on my chest and I just think ‘five more minutes’ or ‘I’ll do the sweeping after his next feed’ or ‘I can’t move, he’ll wake up!’ to myself – but I know that what I really need to do is force myself to stop being a soppy/emotional mum, put Archie down in his moses basket with Ewan the Dream Sheep (where he almost NEVER wakes up after I pop him down) and get up and get my jobs done. 


This one is for when something really really needs done but Archie is awake.. distraction is key. I’ve found a few things that work for us – albeit only for 10 minutes or so as he is only a couple of months old so not playing with toys yet – and use them to my full advantage. He recently has started showing a lot more interest in his playmat so I am able to pop him under there and let him coo away and try to grab at the little monkey and lion above his head. Sometimes I take the rattle off the arch and put it beside him so that it makes a noise when he accidentally hits it – seems to work for just now while he can’t actually take hold of it himself! He also has a little rocker chair which has a vibrate and music button that keeps him occupied for a while. I find that Archie is more than happy to sit in his chair kicking away if he is facing some kind of light – the window, moving images on the TV etc…this seems to keep him busy for a good while, giving me a chance to wash and sterilise his bottles or maybe even slap a bit of makeup on! (not that that happens very often…)



This one also speaks for itself – when I do get the chance to do my chores, I try to make sure that the really important ones are done before Archie wakes up/gets bored and I have to abandon whatever I’m doing. Things like washing and sterilising bottles and putting on a load of the never ending washing get done first. I sure don’t fancy running out of clean socks and I sure as hell don’t fancy going to make my hungry baby a bottle only to see all of them dirty on the side because I’d ‘left them for later’. 

Other jobs like sweeping, hoovering and dusting get done if my other jobs have been done, or when my boyfriend gets home from work so that he can occupy the baby while I dash about doing the last few bits before we all settle down for the night. We both do the bigger jobs like cleaning the bathroom and kitchen on the weekend when he isn’t at work as it makes life easier for all of us. 


Now we finally get to my holy grail baby item, something I would 100% not be without. My BabyBjorn carrier  makes my life SO much easier at home as well as when I’m out and about in town. 

At home I can get myself some lunch, do the dishes, put clothes away etc with my little monkey sitting quite happily on my chest. It settles Archie almost instantly and 9 times out of 10 I end up doing more jobs than I had set out to do because he has fallen asleep in the carrier and it seems silly to take him out of it and wake him up when there is always something I could be doing. 

I love taking this carrier into town as well – both Archie and I prefer it to his pram! It’s just so much more convenient and means that I can pop in and out of anywhere I like, chat to my friends at work without blocking the whole restaurant with a bulky pram and get some shopping done on my own with both hands free. Honestly can’t fault this carrier at all! I’d recommend it to literally anyone who wants an easy(ish) life with their baba – it’s so easy to pop Archie in and out of, and is pretty comfy to wear. We’ll see how it is when he starts getting bigger and heavier, but for right now it’s an absolute dream. 

I hope you enjoyed this wee post – and if anyone has any other tips on how to get things done then please let me know! We’re still just doing our best, and as Archie changes so much every day I’m sure that different things will start – and stop –  to work for us in the future.


Daisy xxx


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