The Magic Bottles

Hey Mummas (and anyone else who happens to be having a peep),

I’m gonna do my first blog post about what I am going to call ‘magic bottles’ from now on… Dr. Brown’s Natural Flow. My little boy Archie has struggled with silent reflux symptoms* since he was born, and I can honestly say that these bottles have made SUCH a big difference in him – his feeding AND his general temperament – and did so almost immediately. I’m not saying he’s 100% better just from these bottles but I’ll take any improvements that I can without question.

*Being so unsettled, near IMPOSSIBLE to burp (but will occasionally fart…) and literally only settling on my chest…

We first used the Phillips ‘Avent’ bottles, then the Tommee Tippee… and when I was at the end of my tether I (thankfully) spotted the Dr. Browns on the bottom shelf in my local Boots. I picked two of them up and brought them home without any real expectations, but soon realised just how flippin’ amazing they really are! 

I did my research on the bottles as soon as I realised they were actually DOING something to help Archie, and I think I can tell you the general gist of them… If you want proper, 100% reliable info then HERE is a link to their own website where you can find everything you need to know about the bottles – otherwise, here’s what I gather:

The bottles have a vent inside that, when your baby sucks, basically takes up the air and traps it above the milk to stop the little one from gulping it down with their formula, which causes nasty air bubbles. 

Before I had bought more of these bottles and was using them alongside the Tommee Tippee ones, the difference I noticed between the two was insane. On the Dr. Brown’s Archie was taking a fuller feed, was easier to burp (and now even burps a few times on his own after a feed) and was much less fidgety throughout. When I then used a Tommee Tippee, he wriggled like an absolute banshee, kept almost choking on air bubbles and would need to be burped so much more often during the feed. He also took much longer to settle down to sleep after a feed at bedtime on the tommee tippee bottles as it seemed like he was NEVER finished being burped – every time we put him down he would wriggle and cry in pain so we constantly had to pick him up and try to keep winding. 

I’ll keep it real here and say that Archie does still struggle with some of the symptoms he has before – and I know that these bottles were never going to cure him completely – but they damn sure have made my life, and my little monkeys, a lot easier and happier. I now only use these bottles and will be reccommending them to literally anyone and everyone with a baba struggling with trapped wind. 

As I said, I picked a couple of these bottles up in Boots – but bought the rest of mine from Amazon HERE. I use mine with my Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep machine (another absolute godsend) and an Avent electric steriliser with no problems at all – so no need to worry if you don’t have any Dr. Brown’s equipment. We are also on Cow and Gate ‘Hungry Baby’ formula if you were wondering – but are considering switching to a comfort milk to see if that helps him any more. So much to think about! 

Do any of you have any amazing tips and tricks for helping your little ones with trapped wind and silent reflux? All our monkeys are different so there are so many things to try – I’d love to hear any other ideas that might make Archie’s – and my – life that little bit easier! It’s a crazy journey learning all about my little boy and he surprises me with new things every day… he’s recently started properly smiling and coo-ing at us and is ALMOST able to grab things. I can’t believe how quickly time is passing by…he’ll be two months old in a few days! There are many challenges – the symptoms I mentioned being just one of them – but it’s so worth it to wake up to his little face every day (and even in the middle of the night!).

Lots of love n cuddles to you and your little ones,

Daisy xxx






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  1. We love these bottles too!!! Our Archie had colic when he was newborn, we also started on the tt bottles and the avent ones and he just couldn’t bring up his wind atall, when we moved onto the dr browns bottles he seemed so much better! We also used the colic drops in his formula which was an absolute god send, couldn’t recommend that stuff more!! When he reached about 3 months we took him of the drops. I also found that keeping his head a little elevated in bed helped a lot too!! xxo

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