Christmas Is Coming

I know you may be thinking i’ve lost the plot by making this post – we’re only in the middle of November after all…but you have NO idea how much I flippin love Christmas. Especially now that I have Archie I am 100% going to make the most of the lead up to, and the actual day of, the 25th. 

I started my Christmas shopping early this year – and by early I mean that the majority of my presents have been ordered and wrapped by the second week of November. I got mega excited by Paperchase’s collection of gift wrap and tags so couldn’t hold myself back and had to get these beauts as soon as I saw them!

This of course meant that I had to get everyone’s presents sorted ASAP so that I could spend far too much of my time and effort wrapping everything to perfection (as always)…

As this year my life is a LOT different to last – I now have rent and a baby to pay for – I knew that I would have to budget and restrain myself with the presents I bought – and I think i’ve done a pretty good job of it! I have bought immediate family (parents, sister and boyfriend) nice things that I know they’ll like, but kept under the budget I had set myself. My friends and I decided that we don’t need to be buying each other gifts, so have planned to go out for a meal or drinks in the new year…bonus!

Myself and my boyfriend decided that as Archie will only be 3 months old for this Christmas, there was absolutely NO point in splashing out and buying him extravagant gifts – he won’t care and would much rather just be given a bottle full of milk and a cuddle! In the end I bought him a tummy time pillow and a mamas and papas snug seat. I know he’ll get so much use out of both of these things so they seemed like the ideal gifts to get him this year. He’ll be over 1 next year so we’ll get him things he’ll be interested in then, but for now this is all he needs! 

As for more distant family members, we realised we now have the perfect gift sitting right in front of us, cooing away at his rattle – our photogenic little monkey! I ordered some inexpensive – but still lovely all the same – photo frames from Next online and have printed out some cute photos of Archie to pop in and send away when the time comes. Easy and cheap, totally on to a winner here! 

I may have also gone a bit OTT and bought Archie some festive outfits…ranging from cute and subtle to ‘christmas has just thrown up on me’ kinda things. Sorry kiddo! 

These are cute, right? What about this…

Too much? I can’t think of anything better than having my own little elf this Christmas – whether Archie likes it or not! Perks of being the parent, ay? 

This last one is my ultimate favourite outfit in Archie’s whole wardrobe and it pains me that he can’t wear it all year round. Trust me, if it was acceptable then i’d have bought him one in every size! 

AMAZING. I can’t be the only one that is totally in love with this snowman romper from Next, right? I’ve already decided that this is Archie’s Christmas Day outfit and i’m so excited. They also have a little rudolph version of this too which i’m so tempted by… my poor bank account! 

I hope everyone else is just as excited for Christmas as I am – it can’t come soon enough! The decorations will be out as soon as my boyfriend allows – praying for the first week of December – wish me luck…

Love and Hugs,

Daisy xxx


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  1. mummydummy34 says:

    What gorgeous little outfits, he will look adorable in them 🎅🏻❄️☃️


    1. I can’t wait to have him wearing them! I’ll make sure i pop some pictures up when the time comes xxx

      Liked by 1 person

      1. mummydummy34 says:

        Yey! That will be sweet to see. My little mans first Christmas was last year and I spoilt him with lots of cute Christmassy baby grows!


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