Cold Survival 101

Last week we all woke up feeling like absolute crap, with stuffy noses and cotton wool heads…the cold had well and truly struck. Joys! It was Archie’s first proper cold and he was really struggling with it, so I knew I would have to find at least a few ways to make the sicky days a bit more bearable for us all.

BIBS. Magical, life saving bibs. Archie had one on for a full day because I swear down I have never seen that much drool come out of such a tiny little person. He looked like he’d just come out of the dentist with a numb mouth bless him! I don’t often put a bib on him just because they always get in the way of the cute little outfits I pick out, but while we were all bogged down with the cold we weren’t leaving the house anyway and I decided that I would rather put one on him than have to change his dribble-soaked top 3 or 4 times a day! 

I also made sure Archie took as many naps as possible during the few days he was ill as he always seemed to sleep much worse at nighttime, so he needed his rest – and so did we! I either popped him into his moses basket or lay him down on his big cushion in the living room with me, depending on what I was doing. Wherever he sleeps I always make sure his head and shoulders are raised a little as it helps him breathe more easily through his congested wee nose and throat, and helps his reflux too!

While Archie was taking a nap it gave me a chance to grab some Beechams (disgusting but does the job), blow my nose a ridiculous amount of times and maybe even do some housework if I had the energy to move. If not, at least I got 20 minutes or so at a time to wallow in my own misery and feel sorry for myself before getting back into ‘mummy mode’ to take care of the little one. Chris also came back from town after raiding Boots one day with these absolute gems:

The ‘Snuffle Babe’ brand has always been well received so I was more than happy to try it out and see if these things helped Archie clear his sinuses at all. The nasal drops are a godsend in the middle of the night when my little man just can’t settle down on his back – a couple of drops in each nostril seem to clear him up after just a few minutes and allows him to drift back off to sleep for a few more hours. I have only used the vapour rub once – I popped on a muslin cloth and left it on the side of Archie’s moses basket while he slept. I’m not sure if this is what helped him that night, but he got a good few hours of deep sleep even though he’d been so restless and congested right before bed.

In this household, blankets are our best friends. There’s nothing better when you’re feeling ill than snuggling up on the sofa and bundling up in a cosy blanket – so that’s exactly what we spent a good 2/3 days doing…

His favourite blanket!

Archie, like most of us when we feel ill, wasn’t very hungry the few days he was full of the cold – but we just kept offering him his bottles and let him ‘snack’ on them rather than take a full feed. As long as he was staying hydrated, I didn’t mind! I was the exact same and barely wanted to eat anything, so I just had to make sure I always had a glass of water beside me and took little sips as often as I could/wanted to.

Archie was of course a little fussier and more grisly these few days, but that’s to be expected and we all just did the best we could until we started to feel a bit better. More than anything I just felt guilty that there was nothing more I could do make him feel well! Tonnes of cuddles and kisses made us (okay, maybe just me) feel much better, and thankfully the cold didn’t last too long. We’re all still a little sniffly now, but feeling so much better than we were – and that’s the most important thing. 

So – bibs, blankets, sleep, cuddles and nasal drops…a mixture that creates miracles. Well, maybe not quite – but they sure did make this cold feel that little bit easier and pass after just a few days. 

Does anyone else have cold survival tips? They’re the worst, so anything I can do to try and make it easier – I will! 


Daisy xxx


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  1. mummydummy34 says:

    Calpol vapour plugins in the bedroom at night really help. I would really recommend trying them out xx

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