What’s In My Changing Bag

I have seen a few other bloggers do posts about what they keep in their changing bags, so I thought it would be fun to do the same. I’m nosy and like to see what people take along with them, so hopefully some of you are interested too! 

My changing bag is one I bought from Asos a few seasons ago. I recently switched to using this one instead of an actual changing bag that I had bought before Archie was born. The one I had wasnt great quality and, if i’m being honest, I prefer the look of this one! 

I have put a little ‘Sophie the Giraffe’ teether keyring on the side of the bag – it looks cute and will come in handy if I forget the proper teething toys when we are out and about and Archie is at the stage where he’ll need them.

This is everything I carry with me in the changing bag. Clothing wise, I always keep:

  • x2 long sleeved bodysuits 
  • x1 cardigan 
  • x1 jumper
  • x1 pair of leggings
  • x1 pair of socks
  • x1 hat
  • x1 dribble bib
  • x1 comforter
  • x1 thin blanket

I never know how many outfit changes I’m gonna need for my little one a day, so I like to be fully prepared. I also take a jumper and cardigan just to make sure I have absolutely anything I could need for any surprises the weather may have in store for us! 

As for the more practical items, I always make sure to have:

  • x1 travel changing mat
  • x5 nappies
  • x5 nappy bags
  • x1 mini nappy cream
  • x1 pack of baby wipes 
  • x2 muslin cloths
  • x1 spare dummy (not in pic)

And finally, I will pop a bottle and a pot of formula in the bag depending on where we’re going/for how long.

I use Boots own brand nappies for Archie (he’s in size 1 just now). They’re much cheaper than Pampers and work just as well – we’ve never had any accidents or leaking with them and they have the colour-changing line on the front to let you know if the nappy is wet or not just like the other brands.

The nappy cream I have been using is called Metanium. This is a barrier cream that protects the delicate skin from any rash. It seems to have worked for us as Archie has never had any problems with rashes or irritated skin. We do make sure to give him some nappy free time most days which also probably helps! 

We are lucky enough that Archie doesn’t seem to have particularly sensitive skin, so have been able to use many different brands of baby wipes. These Pampers ones that I have in the changing bag are good, but we also like Huggies and Tesco Loves Baby ones. 

The bottles I take with us are always the Dr. Browns ones that I did a post about. They have been amazing at helping Archie bring up his wind and I wouldn’t use any other brand now! When we are out and about I either take a pre-made bottle with us that will then be used within 2hrs, or take one of the little Tommee Tippee formula dispensers and make a bottle up as and when it’s needed. These dispensers are great, we use them every day as well instead of taking the formula straight from the tub as it means we don’t get all the mess with formula sticking to the scoop from the steam or the tub getting caked with the stuff. 

I’ll usually stick my purse and phone in the bag before we go anywhere – saves me taking my own one. I think that’s pretty much it… Let me know if you take anything different in yours!


Daisy xxx


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