Top 10 Newborn Essentials

Today I’ve listed my top 10 newborn essentials – these things have been total life savers for us and I wanted to show you them to share the love and help make life with your baby easier too!

1. If you’re breastfeeding, hands down the BIGGEST necessity is Lansinoh nipple cream. I put this on multiple times a day, every day, whilst breastfeeding Archie and it was a total life saver. You don’t need to wipe it off before a feed and it almost acts as another protective layer between your skin and baba. It’s not the cheapest thing in the world – but so worth it to save you cracking and being in a lot of pain! 

2. If you’re bottle feeding then you NEED a Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep machine. Amazing invention! It basically makes your bottle in a matter of seconds and is so easy to use – like ‘push two buttons and you’re done’ kind of easy. I love it especially for us as Archie gets worked up very quickly when he is hungry and feeds around every two hours, so it’s great being able to make bottles quickly and not have to pre-make them or wait for my kettle to cool every single time!

3. I’ve done a whole post about these before so I won’t go into detail, but couldn’t not mention the Dr. Browns bottles! They’re amazing if you have a wee one with colic/reflux and have made feeding so much easier and stress free for both Archie and me. 

4. MUSLINS! You will need so many muslin clothes it’s unreal. Archie can be quite a sicky baby some days so we can end up going through multiple cloths in just a few hours. We use them every time he gets burped, for nappy free time (to wipe up any pee!) and sometimes he just likes to grab at them for comfort. You can buy them pretty much anywhere – I got mine in big multipacks from Mothercare.

5. Dribble bibs are SO handy, I love them! Archie is very dribbly at the moment and these save us so many outfit changes a day by soaking up all the drool rather than getting it all over his chest. I wouldn’t be without these now as I use a couple a day. I prefer using these to normal bibs as they can be worn as part of an outfit and look really cute!

6. This next one is more controversial as not everyone likes them, but we give Archie a dummy every day. We use them for comfort inbetween feeds, for calming Archie down and to help him soothe himself to sleep at night. Dummies have actually been proven to reduce the risk of SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome) as they prevent your baby from falling into such a deep sleep at night, which for me is a very good reason to use them. Archie takes well to the Avent dummies, and also has a few cute MAM ones. Both of these have flatter teats which suits my little one best! 

7. Our bouncer is something that I couldn’t have lived without these past 10 weeks. It’s great to just pop Archie in whilst I do the washing, make a cuppa or nip to the toilet. Ours has a vibrate setting which is great for settling him down, songs that he seems to enjoy and can be bounced backwards and forwards to settle him off for a nap. I find that Archie is more than happy to sit in this chair and play (well, more like stare and hit) with the rattle bar for a good length of time now, which is great and allows me to get some things done. 

8. A great bedtime essential for us is Ewan the Dream Sheep. I’ve mentioned him before but again, couldn’t do this post without a shoutout to my favourite wee animal! He has four different settings and plays the sounds for 20 minutes – there is a lullaby and then three more soothing, womb/heartbeat noises that we use every night. The little red nightlight on the chest is brilliant as Archie will stare at this when he is put down at night to help drift himself off to sleep. These are about £30 from most places – totally worth it in my opinion! 

9. Baby sleeping bags are another bedtime essential, and are actually one of my favourite finds – they’re safer than blankets and much easier when you have a wriggly sleeper! We just zip Archie into one after his bottle and there’s no need to swaddle/wrap blankets over him. He kicks his legs about a lot at night so before we had one of these I was constantly making sure the blankets hadn’t gone over his face! You can buy these in loads of places and there are different togs that you can choose from to suit the temperature of your house and ensure your baby isn’t too cold or hot whilst they sleep. 

10. My last essential when you have a newborn? CAFFEINE. Trust me, you’ll need it. Whether it be lack of sleep, the constant sound of crying or you need something to get you through the next nappy explosion: caffeine will be your best friend for the foreseeable future…


So there we go, my top 10 baby essentials! These are all items that have made life easier for all of us over the last couple of months, and I wouldn’t be without a single one of these things now. Let me know if you have any newborn essentials that you can’t live without – I’d love to know! 


Daisy xxx


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