A Day In The Life

This is a basic rundown of a day on the life with an 11 week old. I’ve written down what a ‘good’ day is like – mostly because I like to dream and pretend that this is what always happens and it’s such a breeze every day, when in actual fact it’s extremely rare…But nonetheless, we do the same things pretty much every day so I thought it would be fun to share it with you.

On a good day, we get up at around 8am to start the day. First thing I’ll do is take Archie through to his room and change his nappy, then pick out his outfit for the day. We then go through to the living room and he gets fed his bottle while I watch crappy morning TV or scroll through my phone. During this time Chris is getting ready and heading off to work.

Once he’s had his bottle and been burped, I’ll usually pop Archie into his bouncer so I can get dressed, have a quick tidy up, clean the bottles and make the bed. He’s quite happy to sit in his chair and watch the lights/shadows whilst chewing his hand (his new favourite hobby) for a while, so if I’m lucky I might even get a chance to make myself a cuppa before I go back and give him my full attention by chatting to him, shaking his rattle, making funny faces etc…

We just play and chat for most of the mornings – recently Archie’s been loving lying on his changing mat while I blow raspberries on his tummy which is SO cute. He’s trying really hard to giggle now, it makes me so happy! I try to do a bit of tummy time every day as well, but he’s taken a sudden hatred to it and usually screams to be turned over after a few seconds so I just do it in short bursts. Mid/late morning Archie will have another bottle and usually (hopefully) get a bit drowsy so I try to get him to have a little nap. It doesn’t happen every day but I tend to find that without sleeping, even just for a little while, he gets really grisly for the rest of the day. 

While the little one naps I’ll try to get some more jobs done around the house, work on a blog post, hang up the washing, put some makeup on if need be and just anything else that needs doing on the day. For the last few weeks I’ve been wrapping presents and writing Christmas cards during this time – it seems never ending! 

Depending how long he sleeps for, when he wakes back up I’ll either give Archie another bottle or take him out for a walk straight away. We don’t live in the town so our walks are pretty boring for me, but I like to try and get him outside most days – weather permitting of course… He gets bundled up nice and warm, popped in the pram and we head up the road to get some fresh air. I’m always so jealous of how cosy he looks! 

When we’re back in the house Archie is usually asleep again – though it doesn’t last long when the pram stops moving – so I can sometimes grab something quick to eat and drink, before getting him back up and having a cuddle. Quite often we’ll have a visitor in the afternoon, which is nice as it gives me someone to speak to that can actually respond to me and hold a conversation! I go into town with Archie sometimes when one of my friends is off work, which allows me to buy some bits and pieces we need and get a hot drink or some real food for once! I wish I could take Archie out more often, but as I don’t drive yet we just need to wait it out until we can move into the town and I get my license.

If there is no one coming round in the afternoons we just stay in and I’ll play with Archie as much as possible, try and get some jobs done and pray that he’ll take another couple of naps. By this time i’m usually counting down the minutes until Chris will be coming home!

Chris is usually back at around 4.30pm so he’ll have a cuddles with Archie and catch up on the day before starting to make dinner. I’m a terrible cook and he’s a chef so I definitely get it easy when it comes to meal times! Whilst we eat our dinner Archie goes back into his bouncer (unless he’s a bit fussy where we usually then have to take it in turns to eat our food while the other person holds him) and we watch some TV and have a chat.

After dinner we start our bedtime routine for Archie that I did a whole post about. It starts at around 6pm every night so we hope to have him down by 7/7.30pm latest. Once he is settled down for the night and I’ve done the dishes and sterilised all the bottles, Chris and I get a chance to just chill out for a bit. We are big fans of crappy TV so will usually put it back on and watch whatever is on or has been recorded. I go to bed at 10pm latest most nights as I am always shattered and never know how many times I’ll be up during the night! 

Archie is getting a lot better at sleeping during the night but still wakes up at least once for a feed. I find the nighttime feeds really tough so I’m lucky to have Chris here to help too. Then, as I said, a good day will start again at around 8am – a bad day, however, is a totally different story that we just don’t talk about…


Daisy xxx


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  1. mummydummy34 says:

    He’s so flipping cute! Awwww! What a lovely little boy xx

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