Christmas 2016

I had this whole blog post planned out weeks ago – I was going to share all my festive pictures and tell you all about my perfect first family Christmas….yeah, maybe not! I seemed to have overlooked the fact that Archie is a BABY and has no clue what Christmas is, couldn’t give two shits whether or not Santa had been and certainly doesn’t care that I had been looking forwards to my Christmas dinner all year… But hey – even if my day wasn’t perfect – it was still nice to share our first Christmas together as a little family, and it’ll make a funny memory in a few years time I’m sure!

We all got out of bed at around 6.30am on Christmas morning – Archie was up and raring to go of course… I got him dressed into his cute little snowman jumper and popped him into his bouncer in the living room where all the presents were. Chris made us some tea and we took it in turns to open gifts – Archie was in great form and just watched us quite happily. I showed him all of his presents and although he had no clue what was going on it was still really cute to watch him. He had the biggest pile of us all!

Chris then made some breakfast whilst I fed Archie, then we all got ready for the day (in our matching jumpers, I must add…we’re that family). We headed over to my parents’ house at around 10am for a couple of hours to have a chat and open some more presents – we all got well and truly spoiled this year! Archie was really well behaved and was more than happy having cuddles and looking around at all of the sparkly lights and all of us chatting away.   

We then went to Chris’ parents house for the rest of the afternoon. Archie napped whilst we opened our presents from them and then we all just sat and chilled out, watched TV and chatted for a bit. At around 2pm Archie started getting restless and fussy, which is pretty much when the festivities ended for me! A few hours later after lots of rocking, soothing and attempting to feed him and get him to nap, we ended up coming home with my Christmas dinner wrapped up in tin foil for me to reheat later… I was shattered! We got Archie into bed then Chris and I settled down and had another look through our presents whilst we watched TV. We had a nice cosy evening and then a much needed early night. Even though it wasn’t the day I had imagined we’d have, Christmas 2016 was still a lovely family day and has made me so excited for all the years to come where Archie will be running down the stairs to see what Santa brought him, eating mountains of chocolate and snuggling up with his new toys and a film on the TV. Having a baby brings back all of the excitement that surrounds Christmas – and it gives Chris and me and excuse to get far too excited and involved again! 

Archie got so many cute things and was spoilt rotten by family and friends so I thought it would be nice to share some of the bits and pieces that he was gifted this year:

Bodywarmer from Next
Monkey pramsuit from The Little White Company
Snug seat from Mamas and Papas
Booties: Monkey ones from The Little White Company and Rudolph ones from John Lewis
Book bought online – SUCH a good story, it’s our new favourite!
Hungry Caterpillar teether and rattle from Jojo Maman Bebe
Print from Etsy
Cross-stitch by my amazing Mum!

He is one lucky boy! The print and cross-stitch have decided our Peter Rabbit theme for his nursery, and the pramsuit with matching boots is the CUTEST! Mummy and Monkey has come to life… 

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and New year – can you believe it’s 2017 already?! 


Daisy xxx


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  1. mummydummy34 says:

    Ahhhhh he had some really cute presents! I adore the little cross stitch from your Mum, what a cute idea! xx

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