4 Months: Leap + Sleep Regression

I can’t believe my little baby is now 4 months old! It’s been the best few months of my life, and seeing my monkey grow, change and develop every day has been so amazing. Suddenly I don’t have a quiet, peaceful little cuddle-bug anymore… Archie is constantly wriggling, pushing up on his legs and can now roll over with ease! I’ve been so amazed by how quickly my little one has learned so many new things – being a baby must be so confusing and overwhelming so he has a great excuse for being Mr. Grumpy these last few weeks…
We are currently experiencing the joys of Leap 4 AND the 4 month sleep regression. HELP. I’ve briefly mentioned leaps before – they are periods of huge development in babies where they learn a vast amount in a relatively short time. It’s amazing to see – but also very stressful! The first three weren’t horrendous, Archie just became a bit clingy and grisly, but this fourth one is TOUGH. I’d say we’re about halfway through it, and the end can’t come soon enough… 

This leap is all about ‘Events’. During this time, a baby will learn how to understand and perform short, familiar tasks and sights like grabbing a toy or recognising their own faces in the mirror. It’s the first leap where I have really noticed a rapid change in Archie’s development – he’s learning so much, so quickly! As well as now being able to roll, Archie can grab and hold a toy (albeit only for a few seconds at a time), doesn’t need neck support at all and knows his own face in the mirror. He’s also grown back all of his hair, outgrown his moses basket and mastered the art of ‘how to have the cutest giggle in the world’… I couldn’t be more proud! 

All these good things make up for the exhaustion and frustration – but I’ll be honest and say it has been near impossible to function some days. The leap has caused Archie to become a lot more moany and grisly through the day, as well as making him crave all my attention, every minute of the day. I’m not joking when I say I haven’t been able to pee in peace these last couple of weeks when Chris is at work! He has also lost a lot of his appetite during the day – which is a total nightmare because he then realises in the night that he’s absolutely starving and will down around 15 ounces during the time he used to be fast asleep… This would all be just about manageable…until you then add sleep regression into the mix! 

Babies go through a few sleep regressions – 4 months old being the first one. This marks a permanent change in your little one’s sleeping pattern – they go from sleeping deeply all of the time to cycling inbetween light and deep sleep…meaning when they come into a light sleep, they are more than likely to wake up in the night(and take, in our case, up to an hour to settle back to sleep…) as well as rarely taking naps in the daytime. The regressions are actually a very healthy milestone to hit – it means your baby is on the right track when it comes to development and growth…but it sure doesn’t make us parents feel healthy, let me tell you. 

As this change is permanent, you have to teach your baby to settle themselves to sleep in order to move past it, so that they can use this skill when they cycle into a light sleep at night and won’t need your help to drift back off. I’ve searched it up and found that the best way to do this is by putting Archie down once he’s fed, drowsy but not asleep – which we tend to do quite often anyway (Chris more than me as I’m guilty of rocking him to sleep because I love the cuddles!). Let’s hope we get through it soon enough…

As Archie is waking often during the night – up to 5 times – and being fed because the leap has caused him to lose his appetite during the day, we tend to have a hugely overtired grumpy boy in the daytime…which isn’t easy for anyone, especially when both Chris and I are tired ourselves! My days have consisted of standing and bouncing him on my shoulder, trying to stop him screaming when I know he’s hungry long enough to get an OZ or two down his neck and attempting to get him to nap for more than 10 minutes at a time… all whilst counting down the minutes until Chris comes home from work.

It’s important to remember that these tough times DO pass, and that the development and growth of our little boy is just so amazing that it makes all of this worthwhile. No one said parenthood would be easy! Archie is growing into such a cheeky, smiley little boy and I can’t wait to see what other surprises he has in store for us over the next few months. That’s if we don’t collapse from exhaustion before then…


Daisy xxx


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  1. Newmumprobs says:

    My baby is the same age and we experienced the first night of sleep regression last night! 😦 x


    1. Ahh good luck! It’s a good thing they’re so cute isn’t it😂😂💙


      1. Newmumprobs says:

        Yes! And when they smile at you when you try and shh them back to sleep! My heart melts but i’m angry at the same time haha. By the way your little boy is gorgeous! I love the amount of hair he has! X

        Liked by 1 person

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