Me Time

It’s think it’s really important as a Mama to have some ‘Me Time’ once in a while. Motherhood is exhausting – it’s a 24 hour job and it can often feel like you haven’t had a second to yourself all week – so I’m going to be sharing my favourite things to do to help me just chill out and relax, at the end of the day or just when I have a bit of baby-free time to give you some ideas and remind you that you are important too.

I don’t have night-time showers very often, but when I do I love them! Morning showers are always rushed and my mind will be full of the list of things I have to do during the day, but an evening shower after Archie is in bed just relaxes me and helps me wind down after a busy mummy day. A lush bath bomb bath would be even better but the house we’re renting unfortunately doesn’t have one – so for now, a long shower does me fine.

Since having my little monkey I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve painted my nails or plucked my eyebrows – these things just aren’t a priority for me anymore! However, when I do remember, I like to just spend some time pampering myself by doing my nails whilst watching some Youtube videos or some crap on TV. Plucking and shaping my brows can take quite a bit of time to perfect so I’ll (occasionally) do this in the evening and just make myself look more human. I always love filling in my brows the day after I’ve sorted them out – it suddenly gets a lot easier and looks SO much better. Finding the time to do these just make you feel a million times more girly and confident for the next few days!

Finding a hobby is a great thing to do to keep your mind busy and to do in your spare time. There are points in the day when miraculously the washing is on, bathroom cleaned, floors swept, baby is napping and I need something to fill the time so I don’t waste my days sitting on the sofa scrolling through my phone or watching episodes of friends on repeat… My blog has now filled that gap – when I’m not posting, I’m writing or researching or planning so that I can create content I will be proud of and am writing about subjects that interest me and that I will want to look back on. As I will be starting a Youtube channel too, I have recently been spending my free time also planning videos, watching others for inspiration and just preparing everything for my first upload. When I’m not doing this, in any free time during the day I like to just browse the shops, have a little organise of a few things or just sit with a cuppa and unwind for a few minutes.

In the evenings when Chris is home we like to have our dinner once Archie is in bed. We used to eat before but found that we couldn’t relax, and would end up having to eat in turns or eat one handed with a baby in our laps… so now, we eat in front of the TV, watching our favourite shows and just have a chat and relax for a few hours (hopefully!). Archie’s sleep still hasn’t really settled down through the sleep regression so he’ll usually wake up a couple of times before we even go to bed, unlike before when he would sleep from 6.30pm until 5.30am… I’m living in hope that our routine will fix this soon enough or we might actually collapse! It’s more a case of just making the most out of any time you have baby-free, not worrying or being on your feet like you have been all day long. 

Having things to look forward to – no matter how big or small – can also help you get through the toughest of weeks. Planning some time without baby is daunting, but I think it should be done, both separately and as a couple. It’s nice to get some quality time together once in a while rather than constantly discussing parenting or work, and having time on your own (or with friends) is also a good way of really relaxing and makes you really enjoy every second you get with your little family when you reunite. Chris and I have a couple of short trips planned in the next few months, and it’ll be the first time we’ve been that far away from Archie with some proper plans… I’m so excited, it’s going to be so nice to just chill out with my favourite guy and not have to be parents for a couple of days (even though I bet all we’ll do is look at photos of our monkey, talk about him 24/7 and buy him presents). I’ve also just come back from a girly weekend away (hence why the post is up a day late!) which was MUCH needed and has made me feel like I’m ready to tackle anything life throws at me.

weekend treats

Having a baby does totally reshape your life and your priorities, but it doesn’t mean that you should lose who you actually are. Having time to relax and remember to treat yourself now and again stops you from going totally insane and unable to function outside of the ‘change, feed and play’ routine…just!

Daisy xxx


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  1. Cheila says:

    Mamas need time for themselves too. You are a person and you deserve as much love and care as your baby does. Keep taking care of yourself 🙂

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