Half A Year

23/09/16. Over half a year has now flown by since we welcomed our little boy into the world, and I’m taking a moment to reflect on the journey we have had so far, and to think about all the things we have yet to experience and learn as a family. We’ve had our highs and lows, but I wouldn’t change it for the world and cannot even imagine life before our little monkey.

On the 23rd of September, at 4am, my labour began and we soon realised that this was the day we were finally going to meet our little boy that we had waited so long – what felt like a lifetime – to meet. Now, six months on, I can still remember seeing him for the first time and just feeling an overwhelming explosion of love, gratitude and a sense of ‘oh shit…’ all at once. And I’ll tell  you something – I still feel ALL of this, every single day.

Watching Archie develop and grow has been such a blessing to see, and I feel immensely proud to call him my son every single second. From day one – basically being a pooping, crying, farting machine – to now: a happy, giggly, sassy little character. I must say at least once a day ‘I just can’t believe how much he can do now!’, and it’s true… From smiling when we say ‘Mama’ or ‘Dada’, attempting to speak with the occasional ‘ga ga ga’ and learning to properly play with his toys and keep himself entertained – the list is endless.

We started weaning Archie the day he turned 6 months old, and it’s already a funny, messy and terrifying adventure all in one. We are trying to do a more ‘baby led’ weaning diet – where he eats the food on his own, picking and choosing what he wants and when he is finished. With it being solid finger foods, it’s more than a little bit scary to watch our little one learn how to chew and swallow. I researched a lot beforehand, ensuring I was able to tell the all important difference between gagging and choking whilst he eats… but we are yet to eat a meal without totally stressing out inside. A few days ago we decided to spoon feed him breakfast and yoghurt for dessert in the evenings so that he is actually taking some food in and learning all about the different tastes… and it’s also fun for us to get to feed him ourselves. With little ones, you just have to do what suits you and what feels comfortable, so whilst we will eventually not feel the need to spoon feed Archie, it works for us just now.

One of the most unexpected parts, for me, of becoming a parent is just how much my love and respect for Chris, my boyfriend, has grown. You hear of all these Mum’s who do EVERYTHING for their little one, complaining about how exhausted they are and how much they would appreciate just five minutes peace in the evening… I, however, have been unbelievably lucky. Chris comes home from work and immediately has a cuddle with his son, and spends the evening taking care of us both – making us laugh and perking our day up no matter what we’ve done. He is the best Dad to our little monkey, and just seeing how much love he has for Archie makes me happier than I ever imagined. I can’t wait to see our boy grow up admiring his Dada, learning how to be a funny, kind, loving person that we will forever be proud of.

No matter how tough it gets, how much I want to throw Archie in the bin along with that horrific nappy explosion, how many times I walk up and down the same hill a day just to get him to have a snooze or how long we play the same game or listen to the same song…It’s all worth it. 

So here’s to the next six months… and my baby’s first birthday. HELP!


Daisy xxx


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