8 Month Update

I haven’t sat down and written a blog post in MONTHS – and I miss it! It got pushed to the back of my mind as I started my new job, we then moved and settled into our new home and I just haven’t made the time to sit and write in far too long. As well as the new house, there has also been a lot of changes when it comes to Archie. I thought I’d do his 8 month update (even though he’s almost 9 months now…) before I forget how much he has learned and accomplished in the last few months. Before I know it he’s going to be one, and not my little baby anymore, so I want to document everything I can before it’s too late.

In his 6 month update post I wrote about how he was eating a mixture of purees and finger foods as Chris and I were finding it tough with the gagging and felt more comfortable spoon feeding Archie in general. However, for the past month or so, he has been eating proper meals and doing amazingly well. He has learned so quickly how to chew and swallow his food properly, and is a confident eater now for sure. He loves banana and peanut butter on toast – he’d eat a whole bunch of bananas in one day if we let him! I will be writing a blog post about our daily routine soon, so will explain more about the kinds of food Archie eats on a regular day in that.

We still have no sign of any teeth coming through – also he’s been teething for at least 4 months now. Some days are worse than others, but I give him everything I can when he’s having a bad day… calpol is definitely my best friend just now! He’ll chomp down on anything and everything that he can and leaves a trail of drool wherever he goes, but it’s manageable. Chris was two before he got any teeth at all so let’s hope we don’t have to wait that long with Archie!

Our little monkey is now confidently crawling ALL over the house – I’m so glad we moved before he was on the move because he’s got so much more space to move about it now! He spent about a month rocking on his knees and getting frustrated with himself because every time he tried to move he just ended up belly-flopping onto the floor, so it’s amazing to see the progress in such a short space of time. He’s also started pulling himself up on the furniture to a stand – it won’t be long before he’s cruising along with his push-along toys and then on his own! Chris was 9 months old when he started walking, so I’m really hoping Archie doesn’t follow in his footsteps here either as I need my baby to stay a baby just a bit longer than that…

I have to say, I wasn’t expecting to feel any more exhausted than I already was, but since Archie has started crawling and learning how to throw mini baby tantrums, I am SHATTERED. Nothing will compare to the exhaustion of the first few newborn weeks, but the past couple of months I have found myself getting more and more drained every day. When Archie is up for the day (at stupid o’clock), he takes a lot of entertaining so that he isn’t bored or fussy, and I am constantly chasing him around the house – stopping him from pulling shoes from the rack onto the floor or toppling his highchair onto himself… you get the idea. He has learned how to get his own way – aka scream and act like the world is coming to an end when I take something that is definitely not a toy away from him – which is draining in itself. I have no doubt that the tantrums will be fully in swing before I know it, so I better get used to it!

Before having Archie I naively thought that by almost 9 months old he would be sleeping through the night without fail, napping well during the day… but my little boy still really doesn’t enjoy sleep. Chris and I always joke that we’ll get our payback when he’s a teenager and wake him up multiple times a night and get him up for the day at 5am sharp! All jokes aside, it is exhausting not getting a full night’s sleep or even having some kind of routine where we know what time Archie will wake up… but no luck. Some (very rare) nights he will sleep from 7-5, and others he’ll be up at least 3 times. I hear of all these babies sleeping through the night and sometimes wonder what it is I’ve done wrong, why Archie doesn’t do that – but I do know that no two babies are the same and I’m sure he’ll learn to love sleeping eventually…He moves so much constantly, and being asleep is no exception. I don’t think he is ever in a proper deep sleep because he’s got so much energy, which might be why he doesn’t sleep for long periods of time. He tosses and turns and wriggles all night long so it’s really just a waiting game on when he wakes up.

Chris and I have found it difficult over the past few months to have any time for ourselves, as we are pretty limited when it comes to childcare. It is important to have some time both alone and just the two of us without the little one, but having only gone on one date since Archie arrived – we’ve not really had the chance. Most of the time Chris is working 12 hour days at work so I see him briefly in the morning and spend an hour or so together when he gets home at around 10pm before passing out in bed for a few hours rest. We did book our first family holiday for March next year earlier in the week, so I’m so looking forward to having him for a whole week to spend some quality family time together and watching Archie explore and enjoy the sunshine and beaches, whilst getting to (maybe) relax ourselves.

The rest of the year is looking good for our wee family. Chris has a festival at the start of August, then we’ve got a trip to see Eminem (minus the baby!), as well as my birthday at the end of the month. We then have Archie’s 1st birthday in September and I am going away with a couple of friends for a few nights as well! The months are flying by – I can’t believe we’re already halfway through the year… Time needs to slow down just a little bit so that we can enjoy every second of watching our little boy grow up and develop before he’s ‘too cool’ to care!


Daisy xxx


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