A Day in the Life with a 9 Month Old

We are in a nice wee routine with Archie nowadays, so I thought I’d do an updated ‘Day in the Life’. He’s now 9 months old and on the move, so our days are non-stop and always full of fun. It’s so different to how it was just a few months ago – around 4/5 months Archie was fussy and difficult day and night, and now he’s such a good boy! He’s hilarious and has such a little character so I absolutely love spending all my time with him – even though I am constantly chasing him around the house…This is just a generic ‘home’ day, where we haven’t really got any plans and just spend the day together around the house.

Our day usually begins at around 6/6.30am. Archie will be up and raring to go, so after a 7oz bottle and a nappy change (we use pull ups now, and they are SO much easier with a crawling baby!) he’s off to have an explore around the house while Chris and I get ourselves sorted and ready for the day. Chris usually works 10-10 on my days off work, so I like to spend some time together in the mornings as a family before he goes. Most of the time I wait and do my makeup when the little one has his morning nap so that we can all have some breakfast together.

At about 8am we are usually all ready for some food! Timings change daily, but generally an hour/hour and a half after his Archie’s first bottle and before he gets too tired works well for us all. His favourite things at the moment are banana and peanut butter on toast, French toast with cinnamon and a variety of fruit (banana and strawberries being top of the list!). I’ve been so impressed by how much he loves his food – anything we put in front of him he will have a go at! Chris and I will usually just have some cereal or occasionally a sausage sandwich if either of us can be bothered to make it – I’m not really much of a breakfast person to be honest. Now that Archie feeds himself, meal times are usually a nice wee rest time for us. I like to make myself a cuppa and just sit with him while he’s eating – making the most of the fact he’s sat in the same place for more than 30 seconds! I try to offer Archie some water at every meal and have a sippy cup available all the time but he’s not quite got the hang of drinking it yet. I’ve tried a few different cups, but the only way he really understands is if I hold his cup without the lid and let him take sips that way. The water usually ends up all down his chin – but I’m sure he’ll soon learn! I’ve heard great things about the Munchkin 360 cups so I’ll persevere with it for sure.

After he is all cleaned up, Archie will usually be getting pretty tired and ready for his morning nap. Although he has grown out of a lot of the habits he had during his fussy stage, the one that has stuck around is that the only place he will sleep during the day is his pram! If we didn’t take him out for a walk when he got tired, he would just fight his sleep and cry/scream for hours on end. Usually Chris has time to come out with us as well just before he heads to work, which is perfect because when we get back to the house I can see him off for the day and then get my makeup on and do a bit of housework. I like to try and get as much done around the house whilst Archie naps because when he’s awake and playing I can’t really leave him for long – he’s constantly pulling himself up on the furniture and I’m terrified of him falling and hitting his chin or head on the way down! Ideally Archie will nap for about an hour, from about 9.45-10.45am. Some days he only goes down for half an hour, but that just means he has his second nap a wee bit earlier which works fine for me too.

Once he wakes up, I’ll give Archie his second bottle and then we’ll have a couple of hours or so of playtime in the house, or out in the garden if it’s nice enough. He loves his wee swing outside and will happily sit and play on his picnic blanket in the grass for as long as I’d let him. It makes me so happy that Archie loves being outdoors so much – all the smells, noises and sights are so interesting to him and keep him entertained for ages! He loves just being able to crawl about freely, so I usually just close the door to our bedroom downstairs (he’s obsessed with playing with – and chewing – my makeup brushes and I am too lazy to have to wash them all the time!) and let him explore wherever he wants. His little push along walker is his favourite toy at the moment, there are so many different bits to play with and he can stand while he holds onto it too. I have so much fun playing with Archie these days – he can properly interact with me so we can actually play games together! My little monkey also does the CUTEST thing ever where he’ll suddenly stop playing and climb up onto my legs so I can give him a big squishy cuddle – I don’t know how long it’s going to last but I’m definitely making the most of it!

Usually before we know it, it’s about 1pm and time for lunch! I’ll usually make Archie something like a ham sandwich, scrambled eggs or tomato pasta and pop that on his highchair with some slices of fruit or veg. Letting him feed himself is amazing but SO messy – the clean-up takes just as long as it takes him to eat his meal! I wouldn’t change it though, I’ve noticed a massive improvement in Archie’s hand-eye coordination since we stopped spoon feeding him, and he loves being Mr. Independent and doing it on his own. After he’s had a little crawl around the kitchen – and made a mess by pulling things out of the cupboards – it’s usually time for his second and last nap of the day so we head out so that he can have a snooze and I can pop to the shops or go and chat to some friends working in town that day. I always seem to have a couple of errands to run so I spend most of this naptime out of the house, which I enjoy too. When I get back in, I’ll just finish whatever jobs I have to do and then relax with another cuppa until Archie wakes back up. He usually naps for about an hour here too, so from roughly 1.45-2.45pm. We’ve learned that not letting him nap after 3pm is the only way that he’ll go down well at bedtime these days, so if he’s up just before our cut-off point then it works out perfectly.

After his nap we will spend the afternoon with a whole lot more playtime. I really like going up to Archie’s bedroom and letting him play with his teddies whilst I read him a book or two. His room is so cosy and fun, we all absolutely love spending time in there! I always make sure to read to Archie at least once a day – even if I don’t think he’s listening to me I know it’s still so important for him and helps him learn and develop as much as possible. I love his wee story books – my current favourite is reading the Beatrix Potter classic collection. His room is Peter Rabbit themed so I am obsessed with these little tales. Chris will usually manage to take a wee break at about 4pm and pop up to the house for 20 minutes or so, and we all have a little catch up and playtime together.

Archie will start to get a bit tired and grisly from about 4.30/5pm, but I always remind myself how close we are to bedtime and try to keep him happy and entertained as much as possible. 5pm is Archie’s dinnertime – so back into the highchair he goes for some food. I do the same as always here and let him get on with eating it himself while I fill up the prep machine, dry and fill the formula pots for the next day and pop the clean bottles in the steriliser ready to go on when Archie’s had his last bottle. I love having the house nice and tidy for when I come down from putting the little one to bed so that I can just get on with making myself some dinner and relaxing for the evening.

At 6pm I make Archie his last bottle of the day, and take it upstairs with us, along with our anbesol teething liquid or baby nurofen ready to give him straight after bathtime. He’s still teething quite badly, so gets one or the other most nights. I set out his pj’s, close the curtains and fill his bath (usually whilst he’s clinging onto my hip as he’s too tired to be put down) ready to pop him into. Bathtime is great fun – we sing songs, play with his little toys, brush his gums, wash him down and just use it as a time to relax before bed. I still love using the Johnson’s baby products – they give Archie that unbeatable ‘fresh baby’ smell that I am so obsessed with.

We go straight through to his room after about 10 minutes in the bath and I get him dried and dressed into his pj’s. This is always a bit of a battle because all he wants to do is crawl all over him room when I’m trying to get his little hands and feet into his sleepsuit and sleeping bag! When I finally manage to get him all sorted out, I sit in the little teddy pile in his room and give Archie his bottle. He is usually so tired by this time that he’ll have his milk, take his dummy and fall asleep in my arms by about 6.30pm. This is my favourite time of day – he looks so peaceful and innocent when he’s snoozing on me. I make the most of my last few kisses and cuddles of the day before putting him down in his cot with Ewan the Dream Sheep for the night.

Once Archie’s down for the night, I go and empty the bath/sort out the bathroom and then head downstairs to get into my own pj’s, make some dinner and chill out. I’ve been obsessed with watching Love Island lately, and it works out well because once that’s finished and I’ve had my fix of trash tv, it’s 10pm and Chris comes home! If I’m awake enough we’ll watch an episode of Game of Thrones together and then head to bed to crash out for the night – ready to do it all again the next day!


Daisy xxx


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