Archie is One! 12 Month Update

Once again, it’s been far too long since I wrote a blog post! I keep pushing it to the back of my mind and focusing on everything else that is going on, but today I remembered how much I love writing and decided to just get back to it. I have a few posts already planned out, but thought I would first make a little life update. I love reading back on my own posts, there are so many little things I forget about the last year of my life and it’s nice to be able to come back and see a snippet of it and bring all those memories back again – especially since so much has happened this past year. I still can’t believe our son is now a one year old toddler and not a tiny little 6 pounder anymore! Those newborn days feel like they were years ago, yet I can remember it all so well at the same time. The first few months of becoming a parent definitely change you as a person and it’s a time that I will definitely never forget.

On the 23rd September 2016 our beautiful wee boy came into our lives and it’s difficult to get my head around that fact that over a whole year has gone by since then. But here we are, fast forward through those crazy 12 months and Archie’s first birthday was here. It was one of the best days we’ve ever had as a family. It was such a happy day – yet also so emotional! We had a family morning – Archie woke up at around 7am and we all (mainly me) opened his presents and had a play together with his new goodies. We then all had breakfast and took Archie out for a walk late morning so he could have a snooze. I picked up his cake and we started getting the kitchen ready for his party. The cake looked amazing – we were so happy with it!

I’m glad we went for a Peter Rabbit theme as it will always remind me of the first year of his life, and holds a special place in my heart. I know he’ll soon grow out of this and be more interested in diggers and dinosaurs, so I was determined to make the most of it for his party. Once Archie woke up, we had a photographer come round and take some lovely family pictures. I wanted to do this so that we had photos to put up around the house that would always remind us of his first birthday, as the only other professional shoot we have has was a Christmas one – which I can’t really get away with framing all year round! The pictures came out amazing – I’m so so glad that the weather held out for some outdoor pictures on the day. In the afternoon, we had all of our favourite people come round for a little party to celebrate our little monkey. He was absolutely spoilt rotten and loved every second! I couldn’t believe how good Archie actually was – usually he gets a little overwhelmed around a lot of people and a bit grisly, but he was so content and loved all of the attention. The party well and truly tired us all out – we had a quick dinner and then Archie was in bed by 6.30pm! I wasn’t far behind him either…

In terms of Archie’s development, I can’t believe how much he has learned and changed in the past few months since I last did an update. He’s now walking confidently and is such a little joker. His favourite game just now is Peekaboo – he’ll do it all by himself and bursts into laughter every time he ‘scares’ us! He feels so much more like a little person now rather than a baby. He knows what he likes and doesn’t like (and makes sure we know it too…) and loves having our undivided attention. He’s going through a little clingy phase just now between Chris and I. One day he’ll just want Chris, the other day it’ll be me, so it’s difficult to do anything around the house without him in your arms – but it’ll not last forever and we’ll definitely miss these days when he grows up. He still isn’t sleeping through the night – usually up once or twice at around 10/11pm and then again at 4/5am and is up for the day anywhere between 5/7am. Maybe our next baby will be a good sleeper…but we won’t hold our breath! He isn’t forming any words just yet, but constantly babbles in his own wee language all day long. He’ll say ‘mamamama’ and ‘dadadada’ but only really when he’s upset – typical! I can’t wait to hear the things he comes out with when he starts talking properly, I reckon he’s going to be such a cheeky wee boy. Archie’s teeth are finally starting to come through too – we took him to the dentist a few weeks ago and she had a picture up of the 8 teeth he ‘should’ have at his age, and there’s our wee one with just his two bottom ones! He does now has his second top one coming through too, so we’re getting there slowly but surely. He seems to be dealing with the pain a wee bit better, though there are still some days where calpol is definitely required.

As Chris and I are both working, it does feel like we sometimes don’t get to see each other very much – but once winter is here I know that we’ll have a lot more opportunities to spend some quality time together as a family. I’m still only working three days a week which suits us well. I love being able to earn a little bit of money for the family, but am so glad that I don’t have to work full time as I want to enjoy as much time with Archie as I can. I have recently started a Wedding Planning diploma as this is something that I really want to take forward and make a career out of when the time is right. I’m really enjoying it and am so excited that I know what I’d like to do with my future. Planning ahead and thinking about what is to come with our little family and our lives is so exciting. It’s so strange to think back over the past year and see how far we have all come… There were some incredibly tough moments, yet so many amazing ones that we’ll never forget. Our little family is so perfect and we really couldn’t be any happier.


Daisy xxx


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